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I hope to get the same dates in 2021.

I will keep you posted.

Be well, stay safe!


Workshop dates:

September 25th-September 30th, 2020




Arrive - Depart Spannocchia: 

Check in : September 24th

Check out:- October 1st


Please email me with any questions: mail@stanmoeller.com


This information below is for my workshop in 2020.



There are 6 double* rooms in the Villa (*You can stay in a double as a single), all with private bathrooms.

Fattoria has seven rooms sharing 4 baths with showers, and one triple room that has a private bath with shower.

Villa :( private bathroom)
1 person -$1,155.63 for the week 
2 person - $924.50 each for the week

Fattoria: (shared bathrooms)
1 person -$924.50 for the week
2 (or more) people - $731.89 for the week 


Workshop costs:

*Workshop fee: $700 single; add $50 for a guest.
$400 deposit to hold your room ...non refundable.

Guests, family, and friends are welcome to join you.

Prices: Room and board for 7 nights, which includes three meals a day (except on Saturday) is included in the price of your room. 
There is a full kitchen at our disposal and a great pizza place in the nearby town of Sovicille.

The room prices below are based on the  Euro at $1.10   Today's exchange rate - 2/5/2020.


Below is the page from the Spannocchia Handbook 2020.

To fond prices, multiply times 7, and do the euro/ US dollar conversion


Everyone must join the Spannocchia Foundation:  It is a non profit and that is how we get the good price for the rooms and three meals a day.
Spannocchia membership: $45 individual; $70 Family.

The other expenses you will have, not included, will be for your flight, the nights you want to spend in Florence, before and after, the transportation to and from Spannocchia, which I arrange. It is usually about $20-$30 per person, and takes about an hour and a half. Marco, will pick you up at your hotel.
I arrange at least one or two “filed trips from Spannocchia and the van will cost under $10 per person, per trip.
I can help arrange for rental car, delivered to Spannocchia, if you are interested.
I will have a car and for getting supplies, like mineral spirits and paper towels.



**There are farm houses available on the property during the workshop.  If you interested in renting a Farm House, check on farm house availability (see the layout of rooms, see photos), and make reservations, at:  http://www.spannocchia.com/accommodations/  The farm houses are separate from the the rest of the reservations. You can sign up for all the meals at an additional cost of 40 Euro per person for three meals a day.  We stayed in a farm house this past May and they are wonderful.

And e-mail at: reservations@spannocchia.org

Car rentals:

To rent a car, the best I have found, and have used at least a half dozen times is:

ABC Noleggio s.n.c. di Marco Righi
e Fabio Giannini
E-mail: info@abc-rent.com
Internet: http://www.abc-rent.com

The best way is to fly into Florence.  I will  send the hotel list to Marco (ABC Noleggio), and he will pick up the group and deliver them/us to Spannocchia, where he will have your rental car waiting.  Just e-mail him and tell them you are in my workshop.

If you want to take the workshop, call me at 207-337-0714, or email me <mail@stanmoeller.com> to make arrangements.  (If you are renting a farmhouse, let me know so I won't hold a room for you.)

Note:  Remember rooms and car rental prices are in Euros, not dollars.  The dollar is stronger now against the Euro. (Current Euro rate is @ $1=1.10E 2/5/2020)

Let me know if you have any questions.